About Cerys

Cerys is a researcher at Galop. They study the impact of transphobia on the LGBTQ+ community. They are also a comedian, comedy director, podcast producer, editor and presenter, and freelance science communicator.



Cerys performs stand-up comedy at science comedy nights, LGBTQ+ comedy nights and just comedy comedy nights, they perform to sold out crowds and the occasional empty pub basement. 

They have performed at the Edinburgh Fringe, Greenman Festival and Brighton Fringe and with the Science Showoff, Dr Jigg's Bowson, the Variables Presents..., the Vagina Museum, and the LOL Word.

This year they performed on a double header called the Unfortunate Bisexual with comedian Rachel Wheeley at the Edinburgh Fringe which received two five star reviews. Together, they run a reoccurring comedy night - the Big O’ Bisexual Cabaret.

They also direct stand-up comedy shows and are looking for new comedians to work with for festivals in 2020.

Photo credit  Alex Lathbridge

Photo credit Alex Lathbridge


Cerys has been podcasting since they were 16 when they first tried community radio (on Stroud FM). They ran the pop-science podcast "Have You Tried Science?" from 2014-2015 on UCL Rare FM and continues to make science audio media for UCL Culture.

They write, edit, and produce podcasts about science, museums, and the LGBTQ+ community. They have worked with historians, scientists, and academics to produce accessible, professional, and entertaining pieces of media about a huge range of subjects from the testing of Jeremy Bentham's DNA to the first wheel-spun pot.

For an example of their producing, editing and directing skills check out the audioguide Bricks and Mortals, a history of eugenics at UCL told through buildings.

They have guested on several popular podcasts including Worst Foot Forward and Why Aren’t You a Doctor Yet?

Their latest project is the Coming Out Tapes, an audio archive of LGBTQ+ stories. 



Cerys delivers a range of lectures and workshops on their research subject - cybercrime, to students aged 8 to 18. They have worked with organisations such as UCL Widening Participation, the ESU, and the Brilliant Club.

Outside of their academic speciality, they have a passion for LGBTQ+ history. They have given talks on this subject in schools and pubs up and down the country. They are a Stonewall School Role Model and give talks on LGBTQ+ history and experiences in schools. 

Cerys currently teaches stand up comedy at the London Business School and for LGBTQ+ women with the charity London Friend. They are available for one on one comedy training and workshopping and have worked with several academics to produce material.

They also teach science podcasting for several academic courses at UCL and have run workshops on science podcasting and interview techniques at the London Podcast Festival